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Green Discipline

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Prior to breaking into a discussion about the plight of polar bears, I found Harper disciplining Scout in the kitchen. I’m not sure what Scout had done to receive a wagged finger in her face, but Harper was dead serious as she exclaimed,

“Scout, that’s your global warning!”

I was pretty surprised that my earth-savvy daughter, had confused the phrase and its context, but I soon found out it was just a slip.

“No, Mom, I know what global warming is. I was just pretending.”

“What is global warming, Harps?”

“It’s pollution that is melting the earth. Ice is melting where Polar bears live and they are dying.”

When I was growing up everything was about nukes and the U.S.S.R. We had air raid drills. I remember these fondly, because I always tried to get next to the cutest boy in class, Doug Brown, while we cowered in the hallway for drills.

Now, it’s the actual air that is killing everything off.

I’m glad they talked about this in school on the very day that the news reported that polar bears have now been added to the endangered species list.

My kid will grow up to be more earth conscious then I will ever be. Although I am trying to do my part daily.

Let’s just hope Scout gets with the program and doesn’t receive anymore global warnings. If she’s going to live in this house she better be a green dog and get on board and follow suit or the finger wagging will continue.


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