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“There’s no curse of King Tut! Harold Carter died of natural causes!”

Yep, that’s my daughter taking all the fun out of the curse of the mummy. Sorry kids.

What’s next? Santa Clause?

Harper and all the first graders from Lincolnwood School visited in the fabulous Art Institute of Chicago yesterday. George went along as chaperone, celebrating his 39th birthday by basking in a sea of youth. He had a great time, and learned alot about Harper while he escorted his group (Harper, Leia, Maya, and Jordan) through the rooms of the museum.

He learned that Harper knows alot about art.

He learned that Harper likes to share what she’s knows about art.

He was reminded about how much Harper knows about Egypt.

He was reminded about how much Harper likes to share what she knows about Egypt.

He discovered that Jordan thinks Harper talks too much.

He discovered how easy it is to defend his daughter.

Jordan: Harper, do you have to talk about everything?

George: Yes, Jordan, she does.

George’s girth does certainly help in silencing a crabby first grade boy.

Jordan wasn’t sporting the best day having already been told off by Harper’s pal Kelly, after he threatened to push her. Kelly, barely as tall as Harper and even thinner responded to his empty threat with a pointed finger in his face and stony, stand your ground stare,

“Just you try.”

Jordan backed up.

Just the gal pal I want Harper hanging with. Today they had a 4 hour playdate, with no squabbles or knocking of heads. They are becoming really great friends. Harper plays softball. Kelly plays little league. They are the same size – which is pretty tiny for first grade. And they both have an inner confidence that is unique in girls. Kelly’s confidence is very understated, and then, BAM, you are wow’ed by this little pint sized dynamo. Harper’s confidence is outwardly bold, and then, BAM, she backs off when she feels anxiety. (Except on the softball field).

They are amazing for each other.

Anyhow, while Jordan was hot and cold during the entire field trip, Harper, with map in hand, led the group from room to room. They were all sad to find that Starry Night was no longer being exhibited having been packed up and prepared to head to another museum.

She located Georgia O’Keefe’s “Cow’s Skull and the Calico Rose”, and Picasso’s “Old Guitarist”. She recognized and named these paintings, as well as Marie Casset’s “Child’s Bath”, and others. But she was at the top of her game as they came upon the room housing ancient Egyptian artifacts. She certainly does love explaining the deal with the canopic jars . . .

She adored Monet’s “Water Lilies” and exclaimed it as her favorite set of paintings.

And just as Kelly can speak straight to the point with a laser beam directness, so can Harper. Especially when it comes to paintings depicting Christ’s crucifixion.

Leia: That’s Jesus. He died.

Harper: (full on serious eye contact). Hey! He rose from the dead.

There was no more discussion.

Harper asked me to accompany her to museum on one of the free nights they offer. I think a little dinner, and a tour by this tiny guide sounds like a perfect night out!


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  1. Tell Harper that Monet and Water Lilies are also among my favorites!

  2. It’s a shame that Starry Night was gone. It’s extraordinary. Pictures and reprints don’t come close.


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