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Harper Atkins, DDS

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With the rising costs of health care, why schlep your child to the scary dentist, when you can just hang with Harper.

Harper can offer the lightest and gentlest of touches while pulling your child’s loose tooth – even while riding on a bumpy school bus.

Just ask Leia Sohn, satisfied patient, and proud owner of a pulled tooth which was removed in transit from the Art Institute to Lincolnwood School during a field trip.

With assistance from Linda Beckstedt, first grade teacher extraordinaire, and apparently just as skilled in serving as a dental hygienist, Harper put into action her extensive knowledge and infinite skills in tooth yanking using just a napkin and her fingers.

Just like MacGyver.


Harper’s need for the computer is beginning to surpass her desire for the television.

“Mom! In the name of Lord, can I PLEASE use the computer?”

“Ask Him.” Was my response.

He said no.


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