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Green Day

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Sorry, no photo. Just use your imagination.

Imagine Sunday School.

Imagine myself, my friend Renee, and our assistant Emily, teaching 8 two and three year old boys and 2 little girls, about Jacob and Esau and how the Bible tells us to love one another.

Imagine my son, my beautiful snuggly boy, finding an ink pad. A green ink pad.

Imagine him taking that ink pad and pressing it all over his face and on top of his head.

Imagine my turning around to see Zane, who reveals that he is now the incredible Hulk.

Imagine Will, Zane’s buddy, hiding behind his hands for fear of either Zane, the incredible Hulk, or Zane’s mom, who has just discovered the incredible Hulk.

It was a photo opportunity missed.

A few baby wipes and the incredible Hulk returned to Dr. David Bruce Banner.

Hmmm . . . would I, the Sunday School teacher, be able to connect the incredible Hulk and Dr. David Bruce Banner to the biblical story of Jacob and Esau?

Um, no. There was no spiritual lesson here.

Just a kid with a huge imagination who happened to stumble upon a green ink pad.


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