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Harper finished her first season on a softball team by playing Aunt Liz’s position: First Base.

After a few incidents of leaving the field when she missed a ball while playing other positions, the coaches did so right by my little lady, by placing her on First Base for the last game of the season. Their goal this entire season was to develop Harper’s self confidence. Always encouraging, always there to give a high five or whisper words of motivation, these parents/coaches knew that showing Harper she could handle First Base was the way to end this all important season.

We had previous discussions with Harper about good sportsmanship, not abandoning one’s team, overcoming obstacles (ah, what a common theme as of late), and trying her best after the game where she flew off the field in a rage upon missing catches at Third Base, so ending the season on First Base was a huge accomplishment.

Harper would now like to try tennis.


It’s humbling when a Mom realizes that she can learn a thing or two from her daughter.


“Mom, we are so proud of you” is the sign that I came home to find on the dining room mirror after my trip to Dallas. It’s still hanging there.


I’m proud of you too girl!


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  1. Wow, Harper! I thought that was ME running to the bag! You look great — just like a first base(wo)man! Way to go!


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