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The Rebel Resistance is Strong





No more diapers!


Back to Pull-ups.

More Pull-ups.


Back and forth and back and forth. And up and down and down and up. And yes. Nope. Got it. Don’t.

The US Gov’t should use potty training a 3 year old boy as a means of torturing our enemies. Forget water boarding. Want to break a terrorist? Order them to potty train Zane. It’ll reduce them to tears and make ’em talk.

Toilet Training Resistance. What is it? Really, do I need to go into a formal definition? For the sake of time, let’s just state that THIS is the problem with my son. Zane is clearly winning the battle for control and power.

And after combing the Internet and talking to mothers, teachers, myself (scary), and Zane, I’ve decided to take a completely new approach.

I will shut-up.

I will transfer all the responsibility to Zane. I will not lecture. I will not remind. I will not scold. I will give incentives . . . today we made a “treasure box” full of small items from Constructive Playthings – LOVE THAT PLACE – that he chose. We decorated the box, poured in all the toys, candy, and STAR WARS POSTCARDS, closed it up, placed it on the dining room table, and voila! His choice. He can either have something from the box or not.

I will not lecture. I will not remind. I will not scold. I will, however, help, and reward.

I’ve got a whole other list of suggestions, from a pediatrician, on how to handle resistance. And mainly, they caution ME about running my mouth too much about it.

I had one last talk with Zane today, as suggested. I told him that he was going to be 4 and that he could make the choice whether to go in his pants or in the potty. I told him I loved him, that I would help him, and that I would enjoy opening the treasure box for him whenever he goes.

A few accidents later, plus a few trips to the treasure box, and everyone is more calm. No fighting, no “Why, Zane?”, just “Oops, accident! Let’s get you cleaned up” and “Great job! Let’s get the treasure box!”

We’ll get there.

We’ll get there.

We’ll get there.

Ok, I’ll shut up now.


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  1. Oh, how well I remember those days…and I will be going through it all again in a couple of years. Hang in there! I don’t know anyone in college who isn’t potty trained. 🙂


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