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Blissfully Domestic Giveaway

I read Blissfully Domestic every honkin’ day. I totally enjoy it and and will, hopefully, submit an article of value to their site some time this year.

In the meantime . . . they give away stuff!!!!!!!! Seriously. Good. Stuff. Run over there and look at this great stuff, comment about it and get into the drawing.

Who couldn’t use the Skinny Tank? Not you? Girlfriend, can we talk straight? Yes, you DO need it. That is something only a friend will tell you. Then, there’s the Queen Bee tee, a delicious purse, and some rain boots that would see a lot of pavement time if I owned them.

I don’t know about you, but it’s worth checking out the link and commenting.

You could be a winner.

A winner who’s looking all svelte and tucked in with that Skinny Tank . . .


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  1. Joline, I just went over to Blissfully Domestic, and just got sucked in…I almost never got out! That’s some good reading! 🙂


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