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Their Appetites are Bountiful


Fruit and vegetables delivered last Friday.

It is now Monday and we have 1 more orange, 3 more apples, 3 pears, and banana’s.

My family goes through fruit like I go through coffee. This could prove problematic.

Although the solution may be found in supplementing with one more bag of apples.

The amount of vegetables seems about right. We popped an onion and green bell pepper into a fantastic chili yesterday. I’ve chopped up all the lettuce for salads, and tonight, those brussels sprouts will adorn our dinner plates. We still have a head of cauliflower and tomatoes for my salads.

But the fruit?

Quickly disappearing like a pot of joe on a Monday morning when Mommy is taking a personal day to chill from yesterday’s stress and to straighten our soon-to-be-up-for-sale-house.

Nearly empty.


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