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Remembering that Dream

Remember this post from almost a year ago?

No? That’s ok. I do.

Briefly, the post, (and several of the one’s that follow), documents the beginning of how I developed an enormous craving for writing. A craving which I have actively pursued. Almost a year since writing that particular post, I am beginning to experience how marrying my creative drive to write, and my business/administrative (and creative side) as a Mary Kay consultant, could be a fabulous union.

I have begun submitting articles here and there.

I have written for a local PR agency.

I am still consistently selling the fabulous products on my shelf.

And now?

I am happy to report that I have been accepted as a contributor for, an online magazine.

My first post was “published” just yesterday. I stared at it. First, shocked that it was mine. And second, trying to stop myself from criticizing it and wanting to tweak it. That was the editor’s job.

I’ll be submitting 2-4 articles a month. There are about 16 of us who write for the Family Bliss section of the magazine, so I could, quite possibly, get a lot of web-time. And the more I get published the better – for I can then turn around and use these articles as a means of getting more writing gigs in the future.

In fact, I think I have a lead for a paid writing gig with an online magazine specifically geared towards mom’s living in the Pittsburgh area.

Both of my employment choices are risky.

Writing is subjective. I can work really hard on an article only to have it denied or edited to the point where I don’t recognize it.

Mary Kay depends on sales. Straight up. It’s fun. But, Mama doesn’t just pay the bills by lookin’ purty.

However, marry the two and I’m a happy woman, wife, and mother.

If there weren’t any risk involved, then it wouldn’t be a dream. Right?

Got one of your own? What’s your risky dream?


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  1. Congratulations! This is AWESOME.

  2. My risky dream? Quitting my job and becoming a chef. Or going in pursuit of the man of my dreams and becoming a mom. Both are equally risky in my book!


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