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As promised, the “Puh” restaurant mentioned in a previous post, did indeed get a surprise visit from the Department of Agriculture last week.

I was pleased with how quickly they responded to my request.

I was not entirely pleased with the outcome, as there didn’t seem to be one.

I received a phone call a few days ago regarding my complaint about a employee who was apparently, according to fellow employee,s coughing all morning long. The Department of Agriculture determined that:

  • The employee did not have a fever, (I wasn’t aware they took temperatures – seriously, how would they know this) and thus, she could not be forced to clock out for the day. I was directed to a website where I could find and read the code for myself, although, in his words, “it is quite extensive”. No thanks. He was quite clear. A cold doesn’t warrant an employee going home. A fever does. Ok. I get that. But THAT wasn’t my beef. My issue was over the coughing followed by an offer to serve me with bare hands.
  • The proper signage about washing hands is displayed in the restaurant. Again, all well and good. Had the employee simply said, “Let me take a moment to wash my hands” my issue would be a mute point. THIS is what I stressed. There was coughing and then an immediate, “How can I help you”. Yuck.
  • Many of the cupcakes had paper liners, and thus the employee didn’t need to use tongs. Um, I never mentioned a cupcake in my complaint. And the item I was purchasing did not have a paper liner. Neither did the cookie I ended up receiving in my bag.
  • I basically got nowhere.

In my opinion, the employee acted irresponsibly. She coughed. She didn’t offer to wash her hands. When I suggested it, she did so and then walked off in a huff. She did not follow the signs posted about hand washing, and her customer service skills lacked actual skill.

I still believe I did the right thing in calling her out and calling the Department of Agriculture in.

Will I go back? Yes. Will they remember me? I don’t know. Does this happen in restaurants often? I’m sure it does. If I witness something like this in the future should I just ignore it? No.

No matter what your job. Do it responsibly. If you are in a service profession, service your customers well.

Even in my Mary Kay business, I have cotton balls, disposable eye shadow applicators, and disposable mascara wands for my customers, plus a brush cleaner and sanitizer. Anything going on someone’s face is disposable. My samples are sealed – one to a customer, or a I use a small spatula to put a bit of lipstick on someone’s tray. It takes a bit more effort, but it is essential. Nothing sits out open in the air, I don’t allow my customers to handle the bottles themselves (I squirt, rather than having several customers handle the bottles) and my fingers don’t touch the client’s face (unless they are really needing some application help). At most facials, I do Satin Hands on the women first, as it insures that they have washed their hands at the beginning of the appointment.

It’s not difficult.

Do your job well.

Or go wash your hands of it and find something else to do.


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