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VBS (Zane)
Basketball day-camp (Harper)
Boy Scout day-camp (Zane)
Rock Band 1 (Harper)
Art day-camp (Zane)
R.O.C.K activities (Harper)
Warrior Dash (George)
Beachbody Summit in LA (Joline)
Lost in Yonkers for two weekends (family effort)
Manitoqua week camp (Harper)
RUCKUS race (Joline)
Laser tag (per the kids request)
Drive-in movies
$1.00 movies (Wizard of Oz on the big screen)
Broadway (in the planning stages)
Ocean City, Md
Summer “home-school” (yep, Mom is already gathering material)

There will also be fire-fly catching, ice-cream truck tracking, deck-building, fishing, and lessons in tying one’s shoes (Zane-boy).

We’re ready. Bring it on.


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  1. woop! We should make a similar list. Quite frankly, I'm rather tired of being so scheduled and hope to have the "summer come to us". We have a few things scheduled… but between one trip to Ethiopia, two going to Guatemala, four going to Florida and all of us going to NC… makes it hard to plan much! 🙂


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