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Extrovert or Introvert?

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I get asked this question.

A lot.

Perhaps because while my exterior screams, “I love to be with people”, I also tend to hibernate. Alone. Often.

On purpose.

Yes, my personality is gregarious and assertive. I am comfortable in groups of people. However, due to this, many would assume, incorrectly, that I am fueled by large social gatherings.

While I’m certainly at ease while with, or in front of, groups of people, I much prefer a small dinner party or coffee with one or two friends.

After a full day of mothering, and working, or as was the case the last two weekends of being in show where my character was full on GO at all times, I just need to be alone. I don’t want people around me. I crave solitude. I look forward to quiet.

I think this surprises people.

Apparently there IS a name for this: Ambiversion is a balance of extrovert and introvert characteristics.

I always thought I was a pure extrovert, and perhaps, once in my life I was. But, when the ’40’s hit,  the desire to be around people all the time lost its importance.

Ask my husband what I would rather be doing and he won’t hesitate to say, “Sit alone with a book or write all day.”

My 40’s have brought a much tighter focus than I have ever experienced. The 20’s were fun. The 30’s were all about having and raising children. The 40’s seem to be about focus and conquering new fears/goals.

At this stage in life I know who my “go to” people are, I enjoy what I do for a living, I am experiencing a new found confidence, and I’m grounded. And being by my lonesome is something I cherish. For IT fuels my interactions with others – NOT the other way around.

Why write this? Simply because it’s been on my mind.

As my buddy Marlene says, “I’m done with games. This is real life.”

Living it.

How about you? Extrovert or introvert?


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  1. Ambiversion as well. Always have been. 🙂


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