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Basketball Tourney: Through Harper’s Eyes

This weekend marked another “first” for Harper. We generally think of “firsts” as those milestones which happen to our babies and toddlers, but trust me. “Firsts” continue.

Even long into adulthood.

But I digress.

So, Harper. Right? We were talking about her.

Harper played in her first basketball tournament this weekend. I thought, rather than share my take on the experience, I would interview her. So, here goes.

Mom: Harper, you played 3 games this weekend. How are you feeling?

Harper: Well, the first game I felt a little nervous.

Mom: That’s funny, ’cause during the first game, you were totally trying to pick-off the girls who towered over you. I was like, “Is that my kid going up against the giants?”

Harper: But I got used to it, so that’s when I started doing that.

Mom: So, your nerves settled down?

Harper: Yeah, but in the second game, I had to come out because Coach put me on point-guard, and I was so nervous about being point-guard because when we had a scrimmage against West Allegheny, they took the ball from me every time. I was so nervous, I had to ask the ref if I could go out.

Mom: Yeah, we figured that. You were doing great, though. So, what do you like playing better? Point-Guard or Guard?

Harper: I like playing Guard because I’m more used to playing that.

Mom: Did you enjoy the whole “weekend tournament” deal? Being a part of a team and playing together for three games?

Harper: Yeah, I liked the whole weekend tournament thing. I thought it was fun because I’d never done it before. But I was actually a little nervous, too. And I think playing on a team is really fun because I know all the girls from my school. So I know all of them which helps a lot.

Mom: Is basketball a sport you would like to continue, or are you thinking of returning to tennis?

Harper: I REALLY want to continue basketball because it’s such a fun sport. And I don’t think tennis is fun anymore, so why would I return to it?

Mom: What would you like to improve in your game?

Harper: What I think I need to improve is learning what to do when the Coach yells plays, because I had no idea what to do the first game. I didn’t know where I was, or what I was doing, and I think I just need to learn that better.

Mom: So what you are saying is that you are willing to learn?

Harper: Well, duh.

Mom: It’s been a pleasure talking with you today Harper. May I share with you my favorite point of the weekend? Or will that embarrass you?

Harper: No, go ahead.

Mom: Ok, so you were out there guarding on Friday night and you didn’t stand still for a moment. You were totally blocking anyone who came your way! And then, out of nowhere, you started to guard this girl who was almost double your size. I was like, “What is she doing” and then, YOU STOPPED HER WITH YOUR BODY! She was certainly shocked, as was I. You played really strong on defense. That was pretty cool for a parent to watch.

Harper: Thank you.

And, this has been . . . Basketball Tourney: Through Harper’s Eyes (and, of course, mine as well.)


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