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2011 Highlights and 2012 CHANGES!

2011 was sweet.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am not a New Year Resolution maker. Simply sitting down and writing down a list of goals does not a finished goal make. I believe, or rather, have been retrained to understand, that goals must flow from priorities. It’s very hard to set goals when you have no idea of your driving purpose.

I’ve been fortunate to have a number of mentors in my life. Yes, Chalene Johnson is one. But there is also Linda Anderson, creator of Mom to Mom ministries. And the prayer partner I’ve had since 1992, minus the first 2 years we have lived here in Beaver (we are once again back at it, thankfully). I have “people” and I am continually trying to learn and grow – with them at my side. Going at anything alone is counter-productive. So I choose to be teachable. Not always easy or comfortable. But, hey, I’m in my 40’s – I’m really not interested in the shallow.

My latest epiphany happened today. In a quiet house. No music. No TV. No other people present. Just me. And God.

I had a 2×4 moment.

The Beachbody journey that I began in 2010 grew out of a need to be well. I was, for lack of a better word, blah. My husband was struggling with depression. My body was becoming the 40 year old I never wanted to be, my emotions were haywire, and I was a lazy, hazy mess. I chose God and fitness to get me out of my funk.

2011 brought the realization that Beachbody was becoming a true business. There was still so much to learn, and through the process I realized that I hadn’t even scratched the surface of what this business could bring me, my family, and my customers.

I decided to sit in on a cyber course Chalene Johnson was teaching. A 30 day course which I thought would be strictly about organization. I was wrong. The course actually taught me that I was approaching my goals a$$ backwards.

I wrote a purpose statement. Clarified my priorities. And only THEN sat down to brain-dump some goals. Out of the list – the following were accomplished:

  • Earn the Beachbody Success Club trip to Atlantis for me and George, so we could celebrate 20 years of marriage on our FIRST trip alone since Harper was born.
  • Earn a specific monthly income with Beachbody.
  • Close another 3-year old home-based business. “If you chase two rabbits, one will escape.”
  • Return to theater: Lost in Yonkers and Pump (for which I won Best Actress – which WASN’T on the goal list – a perk).
  • Pay off half our debt. 
  • Complete P90X.
  • Start a devotional blog, Daily Fast Fuel, with other writers.
  • Build a deck in the backyard.
Which brings us to today. Just days away from 2012.
So, what’s on the docket?
Well, first of all, I’m dumping one of my blogs. 
Cuppa Fit, will be making its exit.
Why? This year, as I built my Beachbody business, I increased my time on my Fit With Jo Facebook page, Twitter, and You Tube
In that process, good ‘ole Cuppa Jo suffered. This blog. And, I miss it. Greatly.
This year also taught me that fitness isn’t just about losing weight, inches, getting lean and cut, and being able to do a zillion push-ups in a month. If anything, the work I began in January, taught me that fitness is wholistic. It covers all areas of my life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Cuppa Jo is truly where I work all that out. It’s the coffee shop where I sit with friends, chatting away about everything. It’s where I process. Linger. Learn. Grow. I’ve been a coffeehouse girl since 1992. As I look back on this year, I barely visited my own shop.
If I truly want to encourage YOU to a life of whole fitness, (and I do) then merely having a blog where I talk about my workouts, ain’t gonna cut it. 
Simply talking with you on Facebook about exercise and nutrition isn’t going to move either of us forward.
It’s time to expand the content to include LIFE.
2012’s theme is hereby announced!
Total Fitness: It’s Not Just Physical

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