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Salvation Army, A Tiffany Lamp, and My Big Mouth

“It’s not a real Tiffany lamp. It’s a reproduction.”

I’m at Salvation Army. One of my favorite Wednesday haunts due to it being 50% off day.

This week, I wasn’t there to linger. I had something specific in mind. A 1940’s-style dress and shoes for our church’s radio production of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I found them. $7.99 total. Score.

See, I really do adore my Sal Val.

Unless, I feel they are trying to pull one of their second-hand wool sweaters over a customer’s eyes.

The sales-clerk responds.

“It is so. Says so. On the tag. Tiffany lamp. This is the real deal. I think we should price it at $99.00.”

“Yes, it says Tiffany, but I don’t think they put tags like that on their pieces.” I was really trying to be polite, but clearly, the thing was a knock-off and hardly worth $100. Not to mention the “real deal” would come in at way more than 100 bucks.

“Well, it says it is, so I think we should sell it for $100. It’s a brand new one, too.”

“Before advertising it as such, I’d do some research on legit-Tiffany lamps. This isn’t one.”

Basically, I was at the counter hanging with the employees who were trying to decide if the lamp was legit, and if so, how to price it. Now, certainly, any discerning buyer would know that this thing clearly wasn’t an original, but the employees wanted to price it high, (just in case), for the non-suspecting crowd.

“Turn in over,” I offered.

Made in China.

“Oh. Ok. But we could still put $99 on it. Someone will buy it, thinking it’s real.”

I took that as my cue to walk away, ’cause now I was just getting angry.

One of the guys who was a part of the discussion walked with me.

“You totally called that.”

“Yeah. I can’t stand when people get taken. Especially on fake stuff. It’s not a real Tiffany. You guys shouldn’t try to pass it off as being real.”

“Yeah. But we could!” and he laughed.

The whole exchange from the initial discussion at the counter to that moment wasn’t heated in any way, but I could tell the woman who really wanted to price it at $100 was not too happy to have my input.

Sometimes I just can’t help it.

I just don’t want someone to get taken. Or cheated. I can’t stand being deceived.

Over lamps. Or anything else.


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