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Independent Reader: Yes, to Pigeons. No, to Cats. In Hats.

Mo Willems‘ books are always entertaining.

I first adored them through the sweet voice of my once 5 year old, Harper.

And tonight . . . from Zane.

Only, I wasn’t sitting next to him.

“Mommy! It’s my first night!”

“Your first night?”

“Reading in my bed by myself before I go to sleep. It’s my FIRST NIGHT!”

Thanks to Miss B, Zane’s first-grade teacher, and thanks to having a son who is wired to move and groove when there is a prize at stake – like going out for pizza with the lovely Miss B once he finishes 100 books – Zane has caught the reading bug and is continually trying to challenge himself.

We are finding that Zane likes measured goals. In Cub Scouts he was all over the popcorn sale so he could win a gift card. He wants those darn beads. And belt loops. STAT! You know it. Earned three tonight. (Beads? Belt Loops? What? Yep, those boys are just as decked out as some Mary Kay consultants I recall seeing at conventions. Truth is – I love that kind of stuff, too.)

So, when it comes to reading?

No different.

His book form has a place to check whether he read the book independently, or whether the book was read to him. The last 10 books he has tackled have all been on his own.

Tonight was evidence.

With his little lantern next to him in bed, George and I heard him reading for an hour after tuck-in.

It was 10:00 before he dozed off.

This morning, he showed me what he accomplished last night. Two Mo Willems’ books, and another about an albatross.

As for the “Cat in the Hat Came Back” which was also sitting on his night stand?

“Nah, I didn’t finish that one. It was just too long and the Cat was annoying me.”

Dude, I feel the same way.

That cat produces anxiety. In children.

And adults.

Confession. I’ve never liked those books. Who wants to go to bed all stressed-out and high-strung?

I’ll stick with my second run-through of Hunger Games . . . 😉 Movie trailer, here.

No tension there, right?

Can’t wait to listen in on you tonight, little man!


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