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Facebook: “I thought you gave it up!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I’ve been more active on my personal wall these days.

Facebook, (or more specifically, my personal profile page on FB) and I, decided to take a break back in November. We were having issues. So, we agreed to a separation.

As you know, (if you have read my posts on this subject: see “Facebook” under Flavors and Blends) I continued to stay very active on my Fit With Jo wall during this time. For along with it being what one could call the “storefront” for my Beachbody business, it also serves as a place for like-minded people to be encouraged with their overall fitness goals. Me, included.

I closed my personal wall to outside comments or tagging (I have to approve all status updates, pictures, videos, etc. in which I am tagged), and except for posts about my workouts (required by my job) and the occasional comment, I took a vow of silence.

Having been refreshed from my hiatus, I am beginning a return. Slowly. Carefully.

The time away has taught me a few things.

Not every moment of my day, or my current location, or who I am with, or who I’m about to hang with, needs to be communicated in a status update. Often during this time, I have found myself on the verge of typing a status, only to stop and think, “Why do they need to know this?” I’ve also realized that my verbal communication has increased, and online misunderstandings have been null and void.

Interestingly enough, I have not felt any “flawed-communication tension” that was one of the symptoms that first drove me to take a break.

Recently, I was even more convinced of my FB fast when a friend of mine posted an article with the question, “What do you think?” following the link. Unbeknownst to her, during the day while she was a work, the comment thread took a bit of a heated direction which she had not intended. The result? She needed to call one of the friends on the thread to make sure they were “ok”.

She called to chat with me about it, “Wow. I had no idea! I should have listened to you!”

We shared a chuckle.

Is it worth it? To have these debates solely online where there can be so much misunderstanding?

Not to me.

And not to her. After this close call.

While my posts will still be rare, or simply point the reader to my Fit With Jo page, I am feeling resolved enough to dabble once again. But not in debate.

I just hold to the belief that much is being lost through using FB as a platform for debate. And this is based upon my personal experience. Some may disagree. And may do so.

I, however, am loving that my upper back muscles aren’t sore with stress. And that I’m not having to clear up unintended hurt feelings.

And nope, I’m not opening up my wall for your comments. Sorry. Call me a gate-keeper, but if there is something you must tell me, I have a telephone, an email address, private messaging, and Fit With Jo is always open.

Down with tension. Up with peace.


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