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Cheering a Friend’s Success

When a friend of mine writes his first book, I get giddy.

For only $2.99, you can support Dan Dydek‘s first published work!

Did I mention it’s only $2.99? That’s even $1.01 cheaper than that Shakeology I always talk about. I realize you can’t eat the book, but I had to give Shakeology a mention somehow.

Did I also mention that you can download the Kindle App to your phone? So you can read the book. (I do hope you are catching on that this book is an electronic version.)

Don’t get me wrong, my copy is on my Kindle Fire – my precious Kindle Fire – but I just want you to purchase the darn book and read it ANY WAY YOU CAN.

I dig when my friend’s are successful and reach a goal. I’m a goal-dig-ger.

When Alison Cherry’s book comes out in 2013, you know I’ll have an autographed copy on my shelf. Ah, the memories of coaching her in the Prose category back when she was on the high school Speech Team. Now, she’s writing the prose. I wonder if someday, a student from her high school  will stand in front of Speech judges while holding a black binder containing an edited portion of Alison’s book.  How cool would it be if she returned to give them some personal coaching on the interpretation. I can just see notes scribbled in the margin, “Alison, the actual AUTHOR, told me to really punch this word!”

And then there is Erik Kerr. Director of Worship at our church. His CD is the stuff. No, it really is. As someone who has begun to find Christian music a bit tiresome, except for a few artists, Erik’s lyrics and style remind me that art can indeed worship our Creator.

Want me to plug YOU?

I will.

Dan, Alison, Erik.

Way to reach high and work hard.

I’m really proud of you.

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