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Cyber Thank You to Seth Godin

Comments I hear on a regular basis:

  • You are ALWAYS on your phone!
  • You seem to play on FB a lot!
  • Have you ever thought of taking an E-treat?
  • We all need to unplug. Don’t people ever talk to one another any more?
  • You need to relax. Not work so much.

This is not a post to respond directly to these comments.

This IS a post where I will respond directly to Seth Godin for his awesome words in Chapter 3 of TRIBES.

Thank you.

The story goes (and this is a crude paraphrase) that you were on vacation in some Caribbean or beachy resort. (Sorry, Seth, I don’t recall where you were – not that it matters). As you was sitting in the lobby checking  email, two women walked by. They whispered, (not softly enough) how they felt sooooooo bad for you because even on vacation you were stuck working – checking email.

You went on to explain that those of us who have a true passion for what we do, don’t feel the need to take a traditional “vacation”. Whereas the status quo need a to take a vacation from their tedious jobs, and look forward to those two weeks off where they do not have to think about work at all, those of us “purple cows” and “heretics” who are actually fueled, and encouraged, and joyfully engaged in our work, simply revel in connecting with the people with whom we share a common goal – manifesto, mantra. Checking in with people is not an annoyance. It’s a delight.

I felt validated.

I love my job.

I love what I do.

I love the people with whom I work.


Coaches, customers, the folks who work at corporate.

When I check in with my team, my accountability groups, or my customers, it is not because I HAVE TO. They are not a simple “check” on my to-do list. The difference here, is that we are engaged in one another’s lives. These are not just “co-workers”. I have formed some very tight relationships. My work is very far from being boring and dull, and frankly, I enjoy checking my email. And talking with, well, my friends.

A Seth puts it, “Set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”

THAT is Team Beachbody for me.

My job is engaging, motivating, and enjoyable. And, INITIAL contact with coaches and customers, (notice I wrote INITIAL), is most absolutely DRIVEN by electronic communication.

I have no desire to use vacation as an escape from this. I kind of already feel like I’m on one . . .

I understand, that for many, email, texting, and FB, are distractions. They create “trash-can fires” (see all of these posts), envy, and even as some research has shown, sadness.

While I have obviously experienced some of those issues, as I wrote. And wrote, and wrote. I have made adjustments.

And while in the past, I have felt this annoying need to defend myself and the use of my phone – which holds my calendar, my to do list, my contact list, my kindle books, my BIBLE (for goodness sake) etc. . . . . or why I am on-line as often as I am, I will no longer spout off all the reasons WHY in response to someone who is trying to be helpful – at least, I hope that’s their intent.

A simple, “What can I say? I love what I do” will have to suffice for them. And, for me.

Thank you, Seth.

We heretics have to stick together.


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