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Week In Review: February 26

Not sure if you will understand this, but if I could, I would write every day.

As in, every day.

But, life doesn’t afford me that luxury at the moment, so instead I keep a running list of ideas and tend to them as often as I can.

And then, a brainstorm.

The Week In Review.

I mean, I know many bloggers do a weekly blog review. I’m not talking about that, although I’m sure I’ll have some links to share. There is just so much cool, annoying, wonderful, and worrisome stuff that happens in my world each day and honestly, I’d love to write about all of them. And can’t.

So, enjoy this first installment of my Week In Review as I share a few stand-out snippets from the past 7 days.

Sunday: I successfully run Harper’s first slumber party AND catch the season finale of Downton Abbey. THAT IS SKILL. Like, Dame Maggie Smith skill.

Monday: My basement looks like Tostidos Scoops, gummy bears, and Jolly Ranchers exploded. No, not looks. There WAS an explosion. I’m thankful I gave back the basement to the kids. (It was MINE for over a year while I got this workout habit set, and was off-limits to toys and Tostidos, gummy bears, and Jolly Ranchers). Moving my home gym to the attic enabled Harper the space to have her first full-blown slumber party. Only now, I have a groggy/grumpy child and a disgusting basement. (I complain, and yet, I’m kind of thankful for it. It was a great party.)

Tuesday: On the trail of the party, my daughter announced Tuesday morning that she forgot to study for a test (there was no school Monday, thus the party). She chose to announce this piece of news 5 minutes before the bus was to come. It was a great morning . . . yeah. (A lecture, discipline, loss of her iPod, and no basketball practice that night followed – much to her dislike, which turned out fine ’cause she came home from school with a double ear infection. And a 100% on that %$*& test.)

Wednesday: Suddenly, my son can read chapter books. I relent of my dislike for The Magic Treehouse series, cause he’s tearing through them as if they were the Frog and Super-Clinically-Depressed Toad books he was only just reading last week. Oh, and since when does he read silently?

Thursday: Harper’s basketball team beats Rochester – a team that has beaten them twice. Very cool. Only, I so wish she had the opportunity to play more. II’m battling Mama Bear feelings. She, however, is having a wonderful time and has only mentioned briefly her desire to get more court time. But, she’s not giving up!

Friday: Harper’s team gets SLAMMED. Ouch. Zane figures out how to use Pandora so he can listen to “beautiful music” (classical) at bedtime.

Saturday: More basketball. SLAMMED again. Season over. We do the celebratory, “You finished the entire season of a team sport since 1st grade softball” lunch at Town Square Diner, and then Harper is off to meet up with ROCK and complete half of the 30  hour famine. I get crushed by Les Mills Pump Extreme and spend the rest of the night on the couch, playing on the Magic Treehouse website with Zane and then watching Mrs. Doubtfire (No, really. That’s not a joke.)

And, now, I’d go to bed, but Scout threw up on it.

So, I stay up writing this, cause I’m sleeping on the couch.

My first Week In Review.

If you made it to Saturday, then you are indeed my friend.


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  1. Ah, the lovely, messy, true life. Awesome!

  2. Love the idea of a weekly wrap-up! Helps me feel alittle closer to my favorite people. I’m grievingthe end of Downton Abby, hey, what became of Patrick? I don’t think I missed an episode. Cheers for basketball and mostly for our star Harper Atkins!!! How’s the ear infection, been there, no fun. Yea! Zane is a reading whirl wind, good man!! Ah, slumber parties, I’ve slept in bath tubs, under the dining room table, in the days before every one had sleeping bags. Poor Scout, ;maybe she “cleaned up” after the slumber party. Well , better the couch than a bed with dog throw -up. Yuuuck! I guess this is a lenghty “reply”. but as I said, the wrap-up is a great idea!! LOVE OXs MomaA-Grams


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