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Week in Review: March 3

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Zane's latest work of art

Hey kids, it’s that time again.

When I scour my memory to pull out the most memorable moments from the last 7 days.

One would think this wouldn’t take much effort.

Well . . . ouch. I think I’m gonna have a brain-pull trying to recall anything from the last week. Blurry. Very blurry.

Sunday: The Oscars. Where there was much hullabaloo about The Artist and a number of other movies I didn’t see this year – except for Bridesmaids and The Help.

Monday: Zane got to work with color during his art class today. As he worked with his teacher Miss Rachel, I took the time to get things done in my office. Where the lesson is usually 30 minutes. I glanced at the clock 1 hour later realizing they were still working. He loved his lesson. And I now have this beautiful piece of new art. (Yeah, I paid her double)

Tuesday: For the first time in MONTHS . . . no basketball! No basketball! No basketball. (I’m not sure if you caught that.) Season is over! And the season finale of Parenthood. Which. Was. AH-MAZING.

Wednesday: Book Club to discuss my pick: Secret Daughter (a novel). Discussion and meal was fantastic. Next up Cutting for Stone, which I had already started, so BONUS! (Shout-out to Mama A – you would love BOTH of these!) Oh, and HEY, this would be a GREAT time to share that you can click MY unique Amazon link to your right, or this statement, and purchase both through me!

Thursday: Back in the saddle day. Returning to singing with the worship team after a three year absence. Rehearsal went very well. I love the group of people with whom I’m working and am excited to return to this area of my life – seems to be a theme since moving to PA. Rediscovery.

Friday: Hit. The. Wall. So very tired. But, enjoyed getting Zane ready for school wearing his Lorax mask which he designed and helped make with George. He adores the Lorax.

Saturday: Zane got his first behind the scenes tour of a a bakery (with his scout group), and then I stuffed three 3-gallon bags of home-made popcorn, and bottled drinks into a mammoth purse, and we set out to go see The Lorax. Book is better. But really – you’re surprised by that?

Saturday night. 6:29 PM. My week is officially over. And I am toast. Burnt toast. Gonna veg and read tonight. I know – wow – we lead a CRAZY life . . . think we’ll be able to keep up with Atlantis when we’re there a few weeks from now?

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