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Lowden Swain! (Or, Another Zaneism)

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Zane doesn’t dig sports.

He just isn’t interested.

Even though he’d do well.

He’s quick.

He’s pretty darn strong.

But, he’s just not interested, and we don’t push.

Tonight, to Harper’s surprise, he took her down in one sweet move. We did warn her that the day would come when Zane would be able to match her strength and agility. Well, tonight, he showed some awesome mat skills.

I was stunned.

“Zane! Little man, you should totally think about wrestling like Daddy did!”

George tried to encourage him.

“Zane, I loved wrestling. You would be really good.”

Zane’s response?

As only Zane would respond?

“No. I will not wrestle. I believe in peace.”

1 point Zane. Escape.

(So, name the movie . . .)


2 responses »

  1. HAHA! Love it!

  2. I LOVE this kid! I see great things in both Harper and Zane’s futures! 🙂


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