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Week in Review: March 10

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So, recapping the week has turned into quite the mental exercise. I realize that even one week is hard to recall. Perhaps I should take notes during the week. Seriously? Has is come to that?

Sunday: Driving home from church, Zane yelled, “Pull over!!!!!!!!” We were driving George’s car, and I realize that the kids get a little car sick in his vehicle for it is so much lower than mine, but I didn’t expect what happened next. My poor boy threw up. Over and over. In someone’s yard. It didn’t stop. Well, that’s hyperbole. It did. Eventually. But for such a little body, there just seemed to be a lot of it, and it continued for an awfully uncomfortable long time. I realized then, that my Monday would involve nursing a sick boy.

Monday: Zane home. (see, Sunday). Looks like a 24 hour bug.

The debut of my new Beachbody Fit Club at Sangha Yoga in town. So thankful to have a community location for a community workout.

The Voice.

Tuesday: Made a mistake and used wing sauce in a recipe that was supposed to be BBQ chicken. After hosing down the children’s mouths, they have forgiven me. Oops.

Wednesday: Zane finished the shading on his orange. Looking at the finished piece drew me to read old blog posts about him. His eye, even when younger, was drawn to color, beauty, and drawing . . . somehow I forgot. And now, I’m glad I wrote about it. Time once again to get my blogs bound into books to give the children. Add that on to my 2012 list.

Thursday: My first Market Day pickup. Figured it would be easier for my parents to have some ready-made meals while I’m away. Only, my freezer barely fit everything, prompting me to tell George that he must memorize the order in which I meticulously organized everything in the freezer – for one wrong move and down she goes.

Harper played guitar so well tonight that I forgot she was practicing. Because it didn’t sound like practicing. Does that make sense?

Friday: Would you even believe that I stayed in my pajamas until noon today? I did, for my “to-do” list included: Write our wills (yuck – but necessary due to an upcoming trip), finish typing up a schedule for my parents when they come to stay with the kids, finalize some other details for my trip, clean off my desk, return emails/phone calls, and basically get a jump on the office, so that I do NOT have to mess with it this week. Still on the list? TAXES. That will be a week-long adventure.  I even managed to make an incredible Pesto Chicken and brussels sprouts for dinner. Yeah, I don’t do anything allllll daaaaaay. :-p

Saturday: After helping Harper finish her report on George III, I took the kids to get new shoes at Kohl’s (30% off coupon and Kohl’s cash day), and then, sadly, I realized I had left the headlights on (for the buzzer reminding me to turn them off when I get out of the car is not working) and had to call George for a jump. This is the third time this has happened, the jumps resulting in us shorting out the radio and the clock. Yeah, think we need to get the situation fixed?

Later, I had an absolute fantastic time with a fellow gal pal as we took an Asian Noodle Cooking class at Giant Eagle Market District. It was not as hands on as we expected, but we DID get to roll our own shrimp spring rolls, and then your’s truly joined Chef Carla in whipping up some Pad Thai. Boy, does one feel way more confident when working side by side with a cooking instructor. What did I take away from the experience? Something I have known for some time (for I AM a regular Food Network viewer) but do NOT practice –  having all ingredients measured and ready to go before starting the actual cooking part. For $35 we received two spring rolls, a glass of wine (or, for some, two, three, four), a meal of three portions of the noodle recipes that were made while we watched, and a bowl of soup (also made on site). Plus, we got a take-away box of the noodle dishes. I will definitely be taking more classes in the future.


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  1. Funny but I seem to get a lot done when I stay in my jammies too!

  2. laughed out loud about hosing the kids’ mouths! oh to end nursing school to do cool things like the cooking—some day—some day!!!


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