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Lessons from Atlantis

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In January of 2011 I made a PUSH goal to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary with a vacation for me and my husband. Away. Alone. No children. Our anniversary, approaching in September, was the perfect event to fuel my desire to save money to whisk George away. Somewhere.

In February of 2011, I realized that I could, with focused  effort, EARN a complimentary trip for two to Atlantis, via my company, Team Beachbody.

The task looked huge.

But the reward outweighed the enormity of the task.

I set to work, with the goal of completing my qualification for this trip by November.

On November 1, the goal had been crushed.

George and I would be treated to a vacation in Atlantis.

We just returned.

What did this trip teach me?

1. Big goals are worth fighting for – especially the ones which seem ridiculous and “for other people”. I remember, two years ago, sitting in front of my computer looking at photos of Beachbody Coaches who had just returned from Hawaii. I recall thinking the  dangerous words, “that will never be me.” Well, this year, I took the attitude of “why NOT me?”

2. Yearly trips alone with my husband are so important. I had this tiny fear as we jetted off . . . would our conversations revolve around the children? Beachbody? Other events that had nothing to do with us? Just the opposite: we didn’t talk about the kids (in fact, ahem, I do believe we forgot about them for 4 days). Instead, we talked to and about each other. All other topics were gloriously put on hold for the duration of the trip.

With our CEO Carl Daikler

3. The company with whom we surround ourselves is monumental for our personal growth. On day 2, George was struck by the spirit, power, and positive outpouring that he noticed in the lives of other coaches. He connected with several of the men, and made numerous comments on how THIS was the type of environment he’d love to see in the church. He took a few notes from a gifted speaker – not only to use in his Beachbody business, but to take back with him into church ministry.

4. It was Jason Scheff of the band Chicago (a  Team Beachbody Coach as well) who made a statement one morning as we sat on a shuttle on the way to a morning workout with Tony Horton,  that he no longer listens to the naysayers. Paraphrased, he said, “If I listened to the critics – to those 1 or 2 people who chastise me for being a part of network marketing, I miss out on developing relationships with countless others who can benefit from changing their lives through Team Beachbody. It’s a hurdle that we meet often in the world of home business. People.”

With Jason Scheff, post-yoga. I took this photo as a reminder of our conversation.

Only, as Jeff reminded me and as I am reminded DAILY as I chat with the women in my private accountability group on Facebook, our country is shirking the responsibility we have for the very vessels in which we live our daily lives. There is no disputing this fact. Obesity is rising. And with the rise in obesity comes a rise in other medical illnesses. We nervously laugh it off. Not in my challenge group, however. Talk about surrounding myself with women who are SERIOUS about change and about helping others change.

Many will read this and respond with, “Oh there she goes, pushing Beachbody again.”

Those who have been completely supportive of my adventure over the past few years will squeal with me in excitement that George and I earned this trip by helping others get healthy and fit. Those same people had front row seats to my own personal transformation which began in April of 2010. To you, I say, THANK YOU!

Others, will read this and say, “Oh, that’s for other people. I could never do what she does.” Welcome to my world in 2010. I was there. I get it what’s in your head. To YOU, I say, LET’S DO THIS!

"Hey Coconut Man! I'll take one of those!"

I just invested 4 days of my life ALONE with my husband, hanging on the beach with a coconut rum drink in my hand, reading and snoozing in the Caribbean sun. We threw ourselves down crazy-steep, wedgie-producing water slides. We chatted with men and women who are evidence that absurd and zany dreams are NOT ridiculous. We exercised at sun-up every morning with hundreds of others. We didn’t gorge ourselves on “vacation food” but rather, ate wonderfully compliments of Beachbody.

We enjoyed one another’s company, while in the company of incredibly motivating people.

It was a WIN-WIN.

No, I don’t have tons of pictures of Atlantis itself. It’s a resort. You can google what it looks like.

 Instead I have pictures of my husband and I dressed up every night, and tons of photos with friends.

As we’ve learned in ministry, and have also  learned in business, life will ALWAYS be about relationships. And without them, we are not truly living.

 If you would like to see more pictures from our trip, please visit my Facebook page.


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  1. I’m having post Atlantis depression. I need to go back, not to Atlantis, as mush as vacation with you and think, dream, and pray about the kind of family we think God is calling us to be. It was a great trip. Thank you for your love and support.

  2. Um, you look AMAZING!!! Love the dress. So glad you had a great time away!

  3. It all looks and sounds wonderful! I’m so happy that you could have this time together!
    Love you!! MomaA

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