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Are You Living a Real Life?

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Where have I been.

Where have I been?

Well, we returned from that glorious trip to the Bahamas and guess what? Life kept right on moving!

One of my LEAST favorite sayings is, “Back to reality!” or “Back to real life!”

Hey, if I’m breathing – life is real – no matter where I am or what I am doing. So while I didn’t see my return from the Bahamas as “back to reality”, as I worked very hard to earn that trip (and trust me – it was REAL – I was there), there was certainly an adjustment period to getting back into my weekly routine.

There were a zillion customer contacts to make – suddenly, upon seeing our Atlantis pics, there were dozens interested in my Beachbody Challenge.

There was homework. Both for the kids, and for me as I engaged in some online courses about blogging and building a business.

We enjoyed an entertaining “Into the Woods” at the local high school, and then “The Music Man” at another.

There have been friends (new and old) in and out of our house.

Harper experienced her first concert (Casting Crowns) complete with a pre-show meet ‘n greet with the band.

We’ve hosted house-guests from our beloved Evanston.

Our beloved Scouty-boo has been sick.

And, oh yeah, today is a little holiday called Easter.

Here’s the deal. And while I mentioned this in a previous post, I admit that post got a little long, so you may have missed it: ALL LIFE IS REAL.

Wherever you are. Whatever you are doing. And with whomever you are living it.

Why do we tend to equate “real life” with the daily and the mundane (“Back to real life – the laundry is calling!”), rather than when we have something to celebrate (“I’m celebrating real life in the Bahamas!”)? When we do this, we set ourselves up for disappointment – for we fuel the belief that real life stuff is less than satisfying. We describe it as drudgery. But the great stuff in life??? Well, that can’t possibly be REAL! (How completely debilitating for our spirit!)

I refuse to talk like that. I refuse to live like that.

God gave me THIS life. All of it. From the dog having diarrhea on our bed. (Yes. Yes, this happened. And yes, we were in the bed at the time), to my Beachbody Team growing leaps and bounds. One is not more real than the other . . .

You are where you are. So be there. Be present.

Or, as in the case of waking to the dog sh*tting on your bed, jump up REALLY fast, get the heck off the bed, and then . . . well, stand there complaining about it while the stench takes over the bedroom and the entire house, or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND CLEAN THE FAT UP!

If you are breathing, life is real.

I urge you to resist the belief that the daily ho-hums = real, while the “Wows” in life = unreal.


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