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The Cuppa Jo Has Gone Jet Fuel!

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Some of you are still clicking on and finding this page. When indeed, my blog has actually moved. Only, it’s moved to a hosted version at the same address! WHAT? Hey, I don’t know how this stuff works. I just hired the guys to do it.

Thank you Webhero for handling my move from to

To insure you are in the new location – you may have to clear your cache. Don’t ask me how to do that either.

Or, if you type in the address for this blog, just make sure there is no after thecuppajo part.

How novice do I sound?

Somehow, during our move, we lost the stats and subscribers (both RSS feed and email) from this blog. And I want you back!

So, go to (make sure there is no after the yummy thecuppajo part) and then, subscribe via RSS or sign up to get email updates.

The blog looks similar – so don’t be fooled. Just go to the “your daily cup” link in the sidebar and either click the RSS feed button or the mail to input your email address.

This move is all part of a desire I have to do more advertising on my site, specifically for Beachbody and (with whom  I am an affiliate – yep – order via the link on and I get credit.)

Ok, time to depart for more professional waters.

See you there!!!!


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