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Ding Dong! Wrong House!

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Sorry folks, 

This blog has MOVED. 

Please clear your cache or cookies or whatever so that when you visit you reach my NEW BLOG: HERE!

We are having a dandy time over there and you’re missing it ’cause you keep ringing the doorbell here at

I’d love to let you in – but you’ll find me one block over . . .

See you soon!


Peek-A-Boo! (Have You Found Me Yet?)

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ImageOK, I realize that it is as much my fault that you keep landing at this blog. I have links out there on the Internet that point you here. My bad. I don’t think I’d be able to find all of them in order to fix them, so all I can give you is this.


No Orange and Blue design.

There’s a coffee cup, me, and a Beachbody logo.

And we miss you there. We are having a great time . . . other than all the posts about my losing my dog. (Sigh.)

Please come join us.

We have a hot cuppa waiting for you. But if you don’t come soon I’ll just drink it myself.

Jedi Mind Tricks

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This is not The Cuppa Jo you are looking for.


Please visit. And subscribe.

It’s the same Cuppa Jo you’ve known and loved for years. Just in a new mug.

See you there!

The Coffee Is Hot Over At

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Needing a refill?

Well, honey, you are in the WRONG place.

Please adjust your settings to reach The Cuppa Jo at

I know, I know, you’re telling me you are already at that address.

Well, look up.

Is there a in that address?

If yes, you are in the WRONG SHOP. There’s no coffee brewing here.

The pot is full over at (minus the and we’re waiting for you.

Come over, connect to receive updates via the RSS feed or sign up for an email subscription.

We don’t want you sitting over here by yourself now, do we?

See you soon!

The Cuppa Jo Has Gone Jet Fuel!

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Some of you are still clicking on and finding this page. When indeed, my blog has actually moved. Only, it’s moved to a hosted version at the same address! WHAT? Hey, I don’t know how this stuff works. I just hired the guys to do it.

Thank you Webhero for handling my move from to

To insure you are in the new location – you may have to clear your cache. Don’t ask me how to do that either.

Or, if you type in the address for this blog, just make sure there is no after thecuppajo part.

How novice do I sound?

Somehow, during our move, we lost the stats and subscribers (both RSS feed and email) from this blog. And I want you back!

So, go to (make sure there is no after the yummy thecuppajo part) and then, subscribe via RSS or sign up to get email updates.

The blog looks similar – so don’t be fooled. Just go to the “your daily cup” link in the sidebar and either click the RSS feed button or the mail to input your email address.

This move is all part of a desire I have to do more advertising on my site, specifically for Beachbody and (with whom  I am an affiliate – yep – order via the link on and I get credit.)

Ok, time to depart for more professional waters.

See you there!!!!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset: A Yoga Instructor’s 21-Day Journey

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Over the next 21 days, we will be following Andrea’s journey using the NEW Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Andrea is the owner of Sangha Yoga, and is no stranger to the idea of a 21 day detox. To learn more about Sangha Yoga, please visit their site, or their Facebook page.

You can research more information about the Ultimate Reset, on my official Ultimate Reset site.

DAY -1

Spring is the time when some of us feel the need to clean, change, get out and move. Maybe it’s the dreaded “swim suit season” that will be here before we know it, or maybe it’s the act of shaking off those winter cobwebs that has us eager to get something done?

As a yoga instructor, I always advise my students to create a renewal with every practice. Staying in the present moment and working on the body and mind each time we hit the mat, but even I find that Spring gives me the urge to clean out and get going!

Nature has it’s Spring regime. Creatures get frisky as they awaken from a long winter. Plants sprout from the thawing ground and make preparations to unfurl their flowers. Maybe it’s our instinctive nature to feel the need to renew in Spring?

Last Spring I made my renewal by doing a three week cleanse. It was a whole food and supplement supported journey that tested my will power and taught me self-awareness. At the end of the 21 days I lost weight, gained flexibility, increased energy, and had decreased allergic response. I felt wonderful! 

It was the effects of this cleanse that are now leading me to do it again. Beachbody has created the Ultimate Reset. This is also a 21 day, whole food and supplement supported cleanse. After reading the details, it seemed the right thing for me.

The box of supplies arrived today and I am so excited to start, but I also not looking forward to the lack of coffee and chocolate! I looked through the guidebook, with pictures of beautiful and delicious looking foods, decided it might not be so bad. It looks like larger meals than I eat now. It also includes meal planner that sets up the schedule for you so it couldn’t be much easier. I printed out a copy of the shopping list and will be hitting the stores tomorrow for the tasty ingredients.

So, on day -1 (negative 1!) I am anxious. I still had coffee this morning and a few M&M’s this afternoon – no sacrifices so far. I may be playing a different tune in a few days, so stay tuned. I will walk you through the good and bad and I will tell it like it is.

Wish me luck!

Why I Started Exercising and Still Do

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I am up at Daily Fast Fuel today.

Some may think I find a way to work the topic of exercise into all my “spiritual” conversations because I run an online fitness coaching business with Team Beachbody.

While, yes, that is my “business”, as in, “I do such-and-such to bring in an income for my family,” my job as a Team Beachbody Coach didn’t start with that goal in mind, and through my personal journey I have come to an understanding of just how spiritual physical exercise actually is.

I can’t change anyone’s mind as to why I work this topic into my conversations.

I believe passionately that we must do a much better job with the restoration and the renovation of our outer shells – for whether we want to admit it or not, doing so DOES have an effect on the inner shell.

And, frankly, I want to be a steward of the vessel God created. That vessel is ME. And it’s the only ME He is going to give me.

So, check out Daily Fast Fuel today.

2010 to 2012

And if we need to talk further about how I can partner with you to make the physical changes you feel convicted to make, you know where to find me!

2010 to 2012

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