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Beachbody Ultimate Reset: A Yoga Instructor’s 21-Day Journey

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Over the next 21 days, we will be following Andrea’s journey using the NEW Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Andrea is the owner of Sangha Yoga, and is no stranger to the idea of a 21 day detox. To learn more about Sangha Yoga, please visit their site, or their Facebook page.

You can research more information about the Ultimate Reset, on my official Ultimate Reset site.

DAY -1

Spring is the time when some of us feel the need to clean, change, get out and move. Maybe it’s the dreaded “swim suit season” that will be here before we know it, or maybe it’s the act of shaking off those winter cobwebs that has us eager to get something done?

As a yoga instructor, I always advise my students to create a renewal with every practice. Staying in the present moment and working on the body and mind each time we hit the mat, but even I find that Spring gives me the urge to clean out and get going!

Nature has it’s Spring regime. Creatures get frisky as they awaken from a long winter. Plants sprout from the thawing ground and make preparations to unfurl their flowers. Maybe it’s our instinctive nature to feel the need to renew in Spring?

Last Spring I made my renewal by doing a three week cleanse. It was a whole food and supplement supported journey that tested my will power and taught me self-awareness. At the end of the 21 days I lost weight, gained flexibility, increased energy, and had decreased allergic response. I felt wonderful! 

It was the effects of this cleanse that are now leading me to do it again. Beachbody has created the Ultimate Reset. This is also a 21 day, whole food and supplement supported cleanse. After reading the details, it seemed the right thing for me.

The box of supplies arrived today and I am so excited to start, but I also not looking forward to the lack of coffee and chocolate! I looked through the guidebook, with pictures of beautiful and delicious looking foods, decided it might not be so bad. It looks like larger meals than I eat now. It also includes meal planner that sets up the schedule for you so it couldn’t be much easier. I printed out a copy of the shopping list and will be hitting the stores tomorrow for the tasty ingredients.

So, on day -1 (negative 1!) I am anxious. I still had coffee this morning and a few M&M’s this afternoon – no sacrifices so far. I may be playing a different tune in a few days, so stay tuned. I will walk you through the good and bad and I will tell it like it is.

Wish me luck!


Beachbody Ultimate Reset: 21 Days of Inner Spring Cleaning

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Back in November of 2008, my chiropractor put me on a 21 day cleanse.

It was fantastic. Mainly because that was the LAST time I ever used artificial sweetener. I was able to rid my body of the need for it. Yes, I also lost weight and felt amazing, but, to this day, I believe it was that cleanse that helped me break my need for sweetener.

It was so habit-breaking for me, that, really, that is all I remember about the experience.

Well, I’m proud to say that Beachbody has launched Beachbody Ultimate Reset. A 21 day cleanse program, where . . . just like the one I did years ago – you actually eat. Three meals. Real food.

A no-starvation cleanse.

Giving your body what it NEEDS, while ridding the body of what it DOESN’T NEED.

I’ll let YOU read all about it for I can not explain all the ins and outs of this product. Heck, I couldn’t explain all the nitty gritty details of the one I did years ago. I do know it cost me $250.

I’m excited to say that Beachbody’s product is $229 and only $170 for those of us who are Coaches. From my website: The Beachbody Ultimate Reset includes: Six supplements, uniquely formulated to help restore your body to optimal health

  • Alkalinize helps maintain alkalinity.*
  • Optimize promotes a healthy metabolism and effective body functions.*
  • Oxygenize helps provide supplemental oxygen to the body.*
  • Mineralize adds natural minerals needed by the body.*
  • Detox helps remove toxins and waste in the colon.*
  • Revitalize helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract.*

The Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions for your 21-day Ultimate Reset journey, and a complete three-phase Ultimate Reset meal plan Two DVDs:

  • Reset Your Health! Disc 1 includes instructions for your Reset and inspirational Success Stories to help motivate you.
  • Cooking Class! Disc 2 provides a video guide to preparing healthy Ultimate Reset recipes.

Unparalleled support from your Team Beachbody® Coach and fellow Ultimate Reset participants Exclusive Access to 24/7 Ultimate Reset Participant Portal

  • Online content including daily cleanse tips, recipes, and shopping lists
  • Mobile-enabled Web site content

Ultimate Reset Caddy to conveniently carry your supplements on the go

Ultimate Reset Bracelet to remind you of your dedication to resetting your body and your life

30-day Money-Back Guarantee We’re so sure you’ll love this program, we’re giving you our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply call Customer Service to return the Beachbody Ultimate Reset within 30 days from purchase for a full refund of the purchase price (less s&h).

I’d love for you to consider being a part of my FIRST group of testers to use this product. It’s a 21 day program with a 30 day money back guarantee. (Do the math on that – you get the finish the ENTIRE PROGRAM, and then request your money back. Yep.)

Please comment below or visit me on my FACEBOOK PAGE, if you would like to hear more or join my April Beachbody Ultimate Reset CHALLENGE.


Wii Sore

Playing Wii with my children has become hazardous to my health.

Like many, we jumped on the Wii wagon this Christmas after having asked for the game as a family gift, rather than raking in a ton of meaningless gifts that, knowing me, I’d end up consigning as soon as my local shop began taking after the holiday selling appointments.

Oh, it’s fun.

Yeah, it’s enjoyable.

It’s also downright dangerous.

It was a week after Christmas when I felt the knot in my left bicep. Lifting my arm was a chore, and straightening it while lifting? Well, fuhgeddaboudit. I had no idea what had caused this unbelievable pain, until I picked up the controller in an attempt to take on my almost Wii pro-status tennis playing daughter for yet another match – this time only using my right arm.

I woke up with a knot in my right bicep.


Now, I’m no couch potato. Ok, in complete honesty, my workouts have taken a dive over the last year or so. But while I’ve abandoned the lifting and half-marathons, at least for this season, I’m not an “unfit” mama. It’s all still there, waiting for me to return. Wii? Please! I can take on the Wii!

(Head down) At least I can in 2-4 weeks after I get the go ahead from my chiropractor to resume playing once he literally works out the kinks.

When I first mentioned my pain to Dr. Tony, before the revelation that this injury was caused by a video game, (sheesh), he asked me if I had experienced trauma to the area. Imagine my embarrassment when I realized and thus shared with Dr. Tony, the guy who works with Ironmen, as to how I had pulled my muscle.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has developed some Wii muscle soreness due to my most powerful backhand in tennis. This recent article on Boston makes me feel better as to my Wii lot in life. Trauma, strained muscles, general soreness, injured rotator cuffs have all been linked to excessive Wii play. I’m not alone. I’m not alone. I may be taking the “Wii walk of shame”, but I’m not doing it alone.

Kids, mommy can’t play Wii with you. Doctor’s orders. Guess we better go back to reading books, playing board games and, well, talking.

Photo by Bethany

Feeling Flushed

I finished the 21 day “flush” or “detox” or “purge” or “cleanse”, depending on what you prefer to call it, on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving weekend I drank coffee, (not the enormous amounts of which I was used to prior to the program), had cheese and crackers, ate stuffing, pie, etc. The regular Thanksgiving fare.

I didn’t feel horrible afterwards, but I certainly didn’t feel as great as I had over the prior 21 days. I don’t think the occasional indulgence at the holidays is going to be retired altogether, but I will definitely be taking steps to watch the overload of dairy, gluten, and sugar, on a weekly basis. I do not have an allergy, which is good, but I do have a sensitivity, and my body is just happier without those pesky items.

I’m down to one or maybe two cups of coffee a day, and a ton of herbal tea. I love green tea with mango.

My head is clear. Not just the brain – but the sinuses also.

I’m able to multi-task with energy. A must for any mom to be sure, and yet, it’s changed from a frantic, whirlwind, tumbleweed on speed pace, during which I forget things, misplace things, and even bump into things, to a calmer, manageable flow that doesn’t leave me completely whipped and exhausted at the end of the day. I am accomplishing more and wasting less time.

My children say I am goofier and more fun.


George has experienced other perks.


The laundry still isn’t done, but everything else is smooth.

I feel really good. 21 days took 7 pounds off my frame, got me used to eating more fruits and vegetables then I’ve ever eaten, has me experimenting with making my own salad dressings, introduced me to Larabar, helped me to habitually take a multi-vitamin and omega-3 oils daily, and . . . has my husband asking if he thinks that coming off of dairy would be a good thing for all of us. Even Zane, I fear, has a problem digesting milk. How do I know? Trust me.

Our grocery bill has increased . . . unfortunately buying fresher and more often can do this. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

I recently found out that I can use the walking track at Weber in Skokie without being a member of their workout facility. This, my friends, is the next step. Why I didn’t know this before last week drives me crazy. Never would have bought (only to sell) the elliptical had I known I could walk/run indoors for free all along.

This was definitely the kick in the pants that I needed to jump start me to a new way of eating, thinking about eating, shopping, and preparing meals.

And as for any concern I had about seeing a chiropractor? My chronic neck and upper back pain has not reared itself since this entire process began. I didn’t buy a fancy new pillow or a new office chair. No new contraptions for the neck. I have been getting adjustments every week – cheaper than a weekly massage – since, well, he’s treating me for free. This is the longest I’ve gone without have some sort of even the tiniest lingering pain.

I’m glad I challenged myself.

Now, I want to learn to cook and bake with more whole foods . . . bought some fresh small artichokes this week. Anyone have a good recipe for them?

21 Days

This used to be me.

Ok, maybe I’m stretching the “used to be”. It’s only been 3 days.

I’m not convinced that I’ll be completely giving up my literal cuppa joe after my 21 day dietary detox comes to an end, but I may have to adjust the amount I drink every day.

So, for the next 18 days just refer to me as Cuppa Tea.

How is it going?

Glad you asked.

Day One: I was plagued by a day long headache which felt as if an anvil had been dropped on my head and someone was proceeding to pound on the anvil with a jackhammer. Yeah. It was bad. Dizzy. Light headed. Foggy. The feelings you would expect to experience while on a starvation diet. Funny thing was, I was eating every 3 hours. The program allows me GREAT food. Whole foods. No processed junk. Plus, no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, and no coffee. So, just imagine this bagel buying, cheese chewing, sugar salivating, coffee craver going cold turkey (I can eat cold turkey). Not even delicious fresh fruit smoothies, steel cut oatmeal (yummy), amazing salads with tons of veggies and chicken, plus snacks, helped. This was an immediate clue to the fact that my dietary habits have been affecting me more than I have realized. Afterall, shouldn’t healthy whole foods make one feel good? Well, yes. But, for me, on Day One, they didn’t. Popped the Advil and thought to myself, “I can’t do this.”

I am also using some supplements grown on an organic farm up in Wisconsin that uses their vegetables to make supplements. I use their shake powder (who knew that brussel sprouts and collard greens could end up in a smoothie powder), extra fiber tablets, and next week, will begin taking a whole food supplement.

Day Two: Woke up feeling FULL of energy. Got up at 6:15 to make my very large breakfast which consisted of a shake, with the supplement powder as the base, and a banana, blueberries, strawberries, and flax seed oil. Also had a hard-boiled egg and steel cut oatmeal. Seriously, breakfast prior to Friday’s start had always been a cup of coffee and some bacon. Got through the day just fine. No headaches. I really do enjoy making “garbage” salads for lunch: salads with every chunky veggie one can find, plus lean protein. I’m also making my own dressing. Olive oil, balsamic, spices. Can’t wait to experiment with grapeseed oil, lemon, or apple cider vinegar. I have ideas. And making my own dressing is so much cheaper! Dinner? George made a chicken in our clay pot (we LOVE our clay pot) and I made sure to eat just the white meat with some broccoli and red bell pepper on the side.

As a result, guess who are also eating more vegetables? Hint, one uses Nutella.

Day Three: This was the day that would really show whether I was truly feeling better or just feeling a placebo effect. I led worship this morning and had to be at church by 8:00, ready to rehearse and sing for two services. I was up early and feeling fantastic. I had a huge breakfast and found that I wasn’t even hungry until around 1:00 when we arrived home from the morning. The other interesting development is that I felt less congested when I awoke – which is rare. I almost always have some nasal/vocal issues in the morning, regardless of whether I have a cold. Not today. I just feel better. And I’m waking more easily – no hungover feeling.

Lunch was my “garbage” salad again (threw in avocado and hard-boiled egg this time) and for dinner I made turkey burgers and veggies. Which reminds me that I need some good recipes for artichokes.

I have also been enjoying a variety of green tea’s (the only caffeine I can have) and decaf herbal tea’s. That, combined with a little over 64 oz of water day, has me leaping to the rest room more often than normal, but hey, that’s all part of detoxing the body, right? Flush it out baby.

My energy level is HIGH. I have been able to handle general household stressers (messy kitchen, the laundry monster, potty training – not myself – I make it to the bathroom just fine) with more ease. George is wondering who has invaded my body to motivate me to actually fill and empty the dishwasher.

Fuzzy brain? Not so much right now. I’m just handling things better.

It’s only Day Three, so I don’t see any external changes, but I do, without a doubt feel a difference inside. But I do need to incorporate exercise. George has been great about exercising every morning, so maybe I’ll try and join him tomorrow – if I have time – I have alot to eat for breakfast and that may not leave time for working out . . . 🙂

Before I began this process, I had my weight and fat % checked. It will be interesting to see how this changes as of November 27th. Thanksgiving Day.

How appropriate that my 21st day will be Thanksgiving Day. Did I plan that well, or what?

Countdown to Detox

If you follow my blog, (and thanks if you do), then you know that I am pretty transparent. I have no problem sharing my honest innards. You may find this pretty crazy, or self serving (a need for attention). I find it freeing.


Many of you have also watched the process we’ve been through with Harper since Kindergarten. You’ve watched us move through confusion, fear, frustration, evaluation, prognosis, and treatment. She has come out of the entire process with flying colors. In fact, we are now in the stage of giving her “vacations” from medication on the weekends. I’ve written about how much she has grown in previous posts, so I won’t rehash that. Simply put, she’s doing great. If you have read everything I’ve posted about Harper and then happen to meet her for the first time, you might demise that we are delusional regarding her ADHD. Sometimes I even wonder if she is still struggling underneath her incredibly humorous, brilliant, and vivacious outer shell.

You have also watched me, in an attempt to adapt to the happenings of the last two years, leave behind a coaching business, open a home business, communicate my heart and soul through writing, and attempt to regain a “normalcy”, only to find that “normalcy” is a fallacy. If we keep hoping for normal, we reject the present blessings that God has given us each day. I trust and believe that “His mercies are new every morning”. And yet in my attempts to find strength and power in our “new normalcy”, I have struggled abysmally.

Harper has been doing great now for 6 whole months.

I however, have never returned to the optimum health that I lived in 2006.

Eating healthy? No. Consistent exercise? No. Organized house? I know, I know, many of you think it’s ridiculous that I would describe myself as disorganized, but I am. Memory loss? Frankly, my short term memory has had some scary little dips. Spiritual life? Actually, pretty good thanks to Moms R Us and singing in the band, but my personal devotion times have been a constant struggle. Fellowship? Yes, but many times I’d rather just stay home. Retreating from getting together with people or leaving behind activities that were once fun? A little. I probably have the lingering effects of a non-diagnosed bit of depression. The days exhaust me. I’m irritable. Impatient. My brain and my body are fatigued.

I will be 40 this year.

Thank you. I don’t think I look it either.

I will be 40 this year and I will NOT enter this year in defeat. I will return to optimum health. But, doing so will take a hefty commitment and a change of lifestyle. I need to break out of the terrible habits that were adopted over the last two years.

And thanks to an impromptu comment from a friend of mine – whose comment I truly believe was voiced through the Holy Spirit – I will be embarking on a journey to seek health by unconventional means.

Beginning on Friday, with the help of a new Doctor (a chiropractor/acupuncturist/nutritionist) who has a commitment to treating Pastor’s and their families for free, I will be starting a 21 day detox plan to begin purging all the muck I feel inside. What muck?

Little do you know that I wake up feeling “hungover” every morning. Without caffeine I can’t get going. Period. I am in a constant fuzzy or scattered state. I have developed chronic neck and upper back pain. My hip joints hurt. Playing anything physical with the kids knocks me out. I am exhausted by 5 or 6 and don’t want to leave the house. I have sinus infections and what I believe to be undiagnosed allergies – and I really don’t want to resort to merely taking allergy med’s, as I think some natural remedies will actually be of more help. I struggle over making healthy meals and end up binge eating. It’s like I’m ADD. Seriously. This is no way to live. At least, not for me.

This is not me.

So, I will enter a 21 day detox, during which time I will most likely remove gluten, sugar, and who knows what else. Yep, it’s a flush of the entire system. Should be really pretty. I will also be meeting with the Doc weekly for adjustments and stretching.

All free.

It is such a gift. It’s unbelievable that my friend even mentioned the guy – as we weren’t even talking about health at the time. And it’s no surprise, as the Holy Spirit just loves surprising us, that after this conversation came a second similar one with another friend, completely unrelated to the first. She too shared her remarkable results through a 21 day detox program. Maybe unconventional methods are catching.

I am excited. Really excited. I don’t feel like me and I need to feel like me again. I think I am most excited to have someone else developing a plan for me rather than attempting to do so myself. I’m a pretty good rule follower and will follow a plan that is handed to me. I do not, however, have the patience to create one for myself.

What can you do to help? Support it. If we’re out and about and I refuse to eat or drink something, don’t press me with “Oh, come on. One little bite can’t hurt.” This is not helpful. Just be supportive. I can pig out with you some other time. Hold me accountable. Take it seriously with me.

I’ll keep you posted on the results . . .


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I didn’t intentionally misquote my son in this mornings post about his social snafu.
Today, however, I was so proudly reminded of what he actually said to last night’s guest, because HE SAID IT AGAIN TO SOMEONE ELSE! (A stranger, thank goodness, as we walked into a store).
“Mommy, she’s not having a baby. She has an extra tummy.”
To my son, the world is made up of camel’s.
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