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Why I Started Exercising and Still Do

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I am up at Daily Fast Fuel today.

Some may think I find a way to work the topic of exercise into all my “spiritual” conversations because I run an online fitness coaching business with Team Beachbody.

While, yes, that is my “business”, as in, “I do such-and-such to bring in an income for my family,” my job as a Team Beachbody Coach didn’t start with that goal in mind, and through my personal journey I have come to an understanding of just how spiritual physical exercise actually is.

I can’t change anyone’s mind as to why I work this topic into my conversations.

I believe passionately that we must do a much better job with the restoration and the renovation of our outer shells – for whether we want to admit it or not, doing so DOES have an effect on the inner shell.

And, frankly, I want to be a steward of the vessel God created. That vessel is ME. And it’s the only ME He is going to give me.

So, check out Daily Fast Fuel today.

2010 to 2012

And if we need to talk further about how I can partner with you to make the physical changes you feel convicted to make, you know where to find me!

2010 to 2012


Entering Running Hibernation Now

It’s time once again for this fair-weathered runner to hang up her old-school Saucony’s until Spring.

I know, for you die-hards, this is a bit early.  But, for me, it’s just about the time every year that I run my big race, and then, sink into the chilly weather by refusing to run in cold temperatures.  Ok, maybe I’ll do a 3 mile run here and there, but it won’t be consistent, I will not be training for anything specific, and, well, I may not like it!

Nope, time for me to return to my basement gym for another round of a terrific program called ChaLEAN Extreme – the program I credit for getting me back into shape this year.

If you would like to read up about my recent half-marathon – my Personal Best half-marathon – you can skip over to Cuppa Fit to hear how it went today.  Which, in one word, was GREAT.  Although I use quite a bit more words in my post over there.

Thanks for reading!

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