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The Cuppa Jo Has Gone Jet Fuel!

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Some of you are still clicking on and finding this page. When indeed, my blog has actually moved. Only, it’s moved to a hosted version at the same address! WHAT? Hey, I don’t know how this stuff works. I just hired the guys to do it.

Thank you Webhero for handling my move from to

To insure you are in the new location – you may have to clear your cache. Don’t ask me how to do that either.

Or, if you type in the address for this blog, just make sure there is no after thecuppajo part.

How novice do I sound?

Somehow, during our move, we lost the stats and subscribers (both RSS feed and email) from this blog. And I want you back!

So, go to (make sure there is no after the yummy thecuppajo part) and then, subscribe via RSS or sign up to get email updates.

The blog looks similar – so don’t be fooled. Just go to the “your daily cup” link in the sidebar and either click the RSS feed button or the mail to input your email address.

This move is all part of a desire I have to do more advertising on my site, specifically for Beachbody and (with whom  I am an affiliate – yep – order via the link on and I get credit.)

Ok, time to depart for more professional waters.

See you there!!!!


Beachbody Ultimate Reset: A Yoga Instructor’s 21-Day Journey

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Over the next 21 days, we will be following Andrea’s journey using the NEW Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Andrea is the owner of Sangha Yoga, and is no stranger to the idea of a 21 day detox. To learn more about Sangha Yoga, please visit their site, or their Facebook page.

You can research more information about the Ultimate Reset, on my official Ultimate Reset site.

DAY -1

Spring is the time when some of us feel the need to clean, change, get out and move. Maybe it’s the dreaded “swim suit season” that will be here before we know it, or maybe it’s the act of shaking off those winter cobwebs that has us eager to get something done?

As a yoga instructor, I always advise my students to create a renewal with every practice. Staying in the present moment and working on the body and mind each time we hit the mat, but even I find that Spring gives me the urge to clean out and get going!

Nature has it’s Spring regime. Creatures get frisky as they awaken from a long winter. Plants sprout from the thawing ground and make preparations to unfurl their flowers. Maybe it’s our instinctive nature to feel the need to renew in Spring?

Last Spring I made my renewal by doing a three week cleanse. It was a whole food and supplement supported journey that tested my will power and taught me self-awareness. At the end of the 21 days I lost weight, gained flexibility, increased energy, and had decreased allergic response. I felt wonderful! 

It was the effects of this cleanse that are now leading me to do it again. Beachbody has created the Ultimate Reset. This is also a 21 day, whole food and supplement supported cleanse. After reading the details, it seemed the right thing for me.

The box of supplies arrived today and I am so excited to start, but I also not looking forward to the lack of coffee and chocolate! I looked through the guidebook, with pictures of beautiful and delicious looking foods, decided it might not be so bad. It looks like larger meals than I eat now. It also includes meal planner that sets up the schedule for you so it couldn’t be much easier. I printed out a copy of the shopping list and will be hitting the stores tomorrow for the tasty ingredients.

So, on day -1 (negative 1!) I am anxious. I still had coffee this morning and a few M&M’s this afternoon – no sacrifices so far. I may be playing a different tune in a few days, so stay tuned. I will walk you through the good and bad and I will tell it like it is.

Wish me luck!

Why I Started Exercising and Still Do

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I am up at Daily Fast Fuel today.

Some may think I find a way to work the topic of exercise into all my “spiritual” conversations because I run an online fitness coaching business with Team Beachbody.

While, yes, that is my “business”, as in, “I do such-and-such to bring in an income for my family,” my job as a Team Beachbody Coach didn’t start with that goal in mind, and through my personal journey I have come to an understanding of just how spiritual physical exercise actually is.

I can’t change anyone’s mind as to why I work this topic into my conversations.

I believe passionately that we must do a much better job with the restoration and the renovation of our outer shells – for whether we want to admit it or not, doing so DOES have an effect on the inner shell.

And, frankly, I want to be a steward of the vessel God created. That vessel is ME. And it’s the only ME He is going to give me.

So, check out Daily Fast Fuel today.

2010 to 2012

And if we need to talk further about how I can partner with you to make the physical changes you feel convicted to make, you know where to find me!

2010 to 2012

Beachbody Ultimate Reset: 21 Days of Inner Spring Cleaning

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Back in November of 2008, my chiropractor put me on a 21 day cleanse.

It was fantastic. Mainly because that was the LAST time I ever used artificial sweetener. I was able to rid my body of the need for it. Yes, I also lost weight and felt amazing, but, to this day, I believe it was that cleanse that helped me break my need for sweetener.

It was so habit-breaking for me, that, really, that is all I remember about the experience.

Well, I’m proud to say that Beachbody has launched Beachbody Ultimate Reset. A 21 day cleanse program, where . . . just like the one I did years ago – you actually eat. Three meals. Real food.

A no-starvation cleanse.

Giving your body what it NEEDS, while ridding the body of what it DOESN’T NEED.

I’ll let YOU read all about it for I can not explain all the ins and outs of this product. Heck, I couldn’t explain all the nitty gritty details of the one I did years ago. I do know it cost me $250.

I’m excited to say that Beachbody’s product is $229 and only $170 for those of us who are Coaches. From my website: The Beachbody Ultimate Reset includes: Six supplements, uniquely formulated to help restore your body to optimal health

  • Alkalinize helps maintain alkalinity.*
  • Optimize promotes a healthy metabolism and effective body functions.*
  • Oxygenize helps provide supplemental oxygen to the body.*
  • Mineralize adds natural minerals needed by the body.*
  • Detox helps remove toxins and waste in the colon.*
  • Revitalize helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract.*

The Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions for your 21-day Ultimate Reset journey, and a complete three-phase Ultimate Reset meal plan Two DVDs:

  • Reset Your Health! Disc 1 includes instructions for your Reset and inspirational Success Stories to help motivate you.
  • Cooking Class! Disc 2 provides a video guide to preparing healthy Ultimate Reset recipes.

Unparalleled support from your Team Beachbody® Coach and fellow Ultimate Reset participants Exclusive Access to 24/7 Ultimate Reset Participant Portal

  • Online content including daily cleanse tips, recipes, and shopping lists
  • Mobile-enabled Web site content

Ultimate Reset Caddy to conveniently carry your supplements on the go

Ultimate Reset Bracelet to remind you of your dedication to resetting your body and your life

30-day Money-Back Guarantee We’re so sure you’ll love this program, we’re giving you our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply call Customer Service to return the Beachbody Ultimate Reset within 30 days from purchase for a full refund of the purchase price (less s&h).

I’d love for you to consider being a part of my FIRST group of testers to use this product. It’s a 21 day program with a 30 day money back guarantee. (Do the math on that – you get the finish the ENTIRE PROGRAM, and then request your money back. Yep.)

Please comment below or visit me on my FACEBOOK PAGE, if you would like to hear more or join my April Beachbody Ultimate Reset CHALLENGE.


Are You Living a Real Life?

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Where have I been.

Where have I been?

Well, we returned from that glorious trip to the Bahamas and guess what? Life kept right on moving!

One of my LEAST favorite sayings is, “Back to reality!” or “Back to real life!”

Hey, if I’m breathing – life is real – no matter where I am or what I am doing. So while I didn’t see my return from the Bahamas as “back to reality”, as I worked very hard to earn that trip (and trust me – it was REAL – I was there), there was certainly an adjustment period to getting back into my weekly routine.

There were a zillion customer contacts to make – suddenly, upon seeing our Atlantis pics, there were dozens interested in my Beachbody Challenge.

There was homework. Both for the kids, and for me as I engaged in some online courses about blogging and building a business.

We enjoyed an entertaining “Into the Woods” at the local high school, and then “The Music Man” at another.

There have been friends (new and old) in and out of our house.

Harper experienced her first concert (Casting Crowns) complete with a pre-show meet ‘n greet with the band.

We’ve hosted house-guests from our beloved Evanston.

Our beloved Scouty-boo has been sick.

And, oh yeah, today is a little holiday called Easter.

Here’s the deal. And while I mentioned this in a previous post, I admit that post got a little long, so you may have missed it: ALL LIFE IS REAL.

Wherever you are. Whatever you are doing. And with whomever you are living it.

Why do we tend to equate “real life” with the daily and the mundane (“Back to real life – the laundry is calling!”), rather than when we have something to celebrate (“I’m celebrating real life in the Bahamas!”)? When we do this, we set ourselves up for disappointment – for we fuel the belief that real life stuff is less than satisfying. We describe it as drudgery. But the great stuff in life??? Well, that can’t possibly be REAL! (How completely debilitating for our spirit!)

I refuse to talk like that. I refuse to live like that.

God gave me THIS life. All of it. From the dog having diarrhea on our bed. (Yes. Yes, this happened. And yes, we were in the bed at the time), to my Beachbody Team growing leaps and bounds. One is not more real than the other . . .

You are where you are. So be there. Be present.

Or, as in the case of waking to the dog sh*tting on your bed, jump up REALLY fast, get the heck off the bed, and then . . . well, stand there complaining about it while the stench takes over the bedroom and the entire house, or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND CLEAN THE FAT UP!

If you are breathing, life is real.

I urge you to resist the belief that the daily ho-hums = real, while the “Wows” in life = unreal.

The Danger of Resting on Laurels

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(This is actually a repost of a piece I wrote August 2, 2010 on the now defunct Cuppa Fit blog.)

How many times have you heard someone utter this statement, excuse?

“Well, I was a big athlete in high school.  So I know the drill.”

“Oh, I used to be an exercise instructor.”

USED to be.

I recently witnessed my husband making this statement.  And it’s true.  He was a huge athlete in High School.  Just as he was a strong athlete, I was a working actor in my teen years.  Paid.  Both of us experienced success back in the day.But we are no longer 18.Now in his 40’s, George can no longer follow the same exercise and fitness training regiment that he did at 18.  Similarly, I learned, the hard way, while working as an actor in my 20’s and 30’s that no one really cared that I played Dorothy in Oz at a children’s theater back in Virginia or that I as a child I had been nominated for an award at a theater in Old Town Alexandria.  And I most certainly couldn’t approach auditions the same way I did as a child actor either.  How embarrassing would that be?  Time to grow up.

So I was running a 5K yesterday and my mind started to wander.  As I was Gallowaying my 3:1 intervals I had a thought.  Brilliant?  Eh.  Nasty?  Yeah.  Somewhat.

There isn’t much of a difference between a middle-aged, out of shape former high school athlete and a washed up former child star.   Both are stuck living off of past laurels.

However, when one looks at former child stars who have actually disappeared for a time only to resurface after having DONE THE WORK and TRAINING to get back in the game, it reminds me of someone like myself who never thought I could regain the level of health and fitness that I had in my 20’s.  Come on.  I’m 40.  Plus one.

Example.  Jason Bateman (meow) had some rough years after his teenage TV career took a dive.  From Entertainment Weekly: Bateman admits to some lost years in the ’90s, but his persistence paid off (Arrested Development, Juno). ”I want to be around for a long time,” he told EW in 2007. ”Now that I’ve got another flash of relevancy, I don’t want to screw it up.” 

You think my secret Hollywood boyfriend didn’t have to make some changes to step back into the spotlight?  You think he approached his craft the same way he did as a child actor?  Um, think again.  He had to grow up. 

I feel like a broken record.  You want change?  You can not do the same thing that you have always done or rely upon what worked when you were 18.

If anything, you will have to work HARDER to reach those fitness goals because our bodies are, well, getting older and are thus slower at metabolizing and building muscle, and all that scientific stuff.

Thus, you need a workout that will really jump start the process.  Time to go back to school.

ChaLEAN Extreme was the magic bullet for me.  And by magic, I mean, it worked.  And by bullet, I mean, it just about killed me on some days.

Persistence.  The word doesn’t describe sticking with the same old plan.  You may need to change directions to keep going.  It’s time to try something new.  Something that may even be uncomfortable and unfamiliar.


Or continue talking about those glory years.  ‘Cause that’s all it is.  Talk. ‘Cause baby, your laurels be wilted.

From the horse’s mouth, folks.  I no longer talk or act like I’m in shape.

I am.  And I continue to educate and learn more as to how to keep my temple kickin’.

In Real Life, I Help Pave Roads

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While reading scripture a few weeks back, I got stuck on the word “A”.

It was located in a scripture that is referenced often, memorized by many, and handed out like spiritual candy when one needs encouragement. I believe scripture to be all-powerful – as in, there is serious spirit-fill caffeine packed in the Bible, only this verse seems to get slung around so often that it had sort of lost its impact on me. Its punch. I viewed it as a decaf verse.  And you know how much I loooooove decaf.

This time, however,  the word “a” popped out at me and wouldn’t stop poking around in my heart until I’d exhausted what the heck it meant.

I’ve been pondering this for weeks now.

Today, thanks to a comment left for my husband under a video blog by Craig Holiday, (we’re both doing an online video series with him right now), I think I’ve figured it out.

A good work. And, road paver. Two ideas whose worlds have suddenly collided.

Our lives are multi-faceted. Family, children, church, work, school, finances, hobbies, service, physical activity, friendships – you can take it from here. Make your own list. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Wow. That’s a long list. In the past, I’d glance at that list and get overwhelmed if all of them weren’t running smooth and steady. Until . . .

God reminded me of Philippians 1:6 : He who began a good work in you – (go ahead, finish it.)

“A” good work.

Not 12 good works.


Not 36.

A single good work.

God has offered abundant LIFE – not merely small chunks or pieces of abundance. But rather, abundant LIFE. And it’s REAL. Full and hearty. Whether that be in the day-to-day mundane comings and goings with homework, and deadlines, grocery shopping, bills, and house repairs, or while on vacation, in school, or on the job, He has promised that life would be abundant. Wherever we may be.  His abundance isn’t for some and not for others. His abundance may not always feel good or seem right. His abundance isn’t limited by location, or circumstance. He doesn’t trick us with real abundance and fake abundance – it’s ALL REAL LIFE. It is present everyday. Whether in Beaver or Atlantis. Whether at Four Mile, or Cafe Kolache. Whether at Dutch Ridge or College Square Elementary.

Only, we tend to get stuck on the chunks, don’t we? Focusing on the ones that are going great. And then on the others that suck. In doing so we risk losing sight of the WHOLE. We allow our chunks to dictate our day . . . I know I’ve been guilty of this. All my ducks are in a row, doing great, swimming in the stream. Then, something goes wrong in one area of my life. An unexpected turn. Suddenly my emotions are swayed by that one surprise, and I begin to despair that ALL is lost. Due to ONE SMALL CHUNK.

So, what about that reference to paving roads?

(Yeah, you knew I’d get to the “road” part at some point. If you are still hanging on, I adore you.)

Think of all those unique facets of our lives as individual bricks, cobblestones, heck, even  asphalt (made up of tiny materials). Only, a single paver does not a road make. (Just as, a single circumstance does not a LIFE make.) Pavers, plural, are necessary to build a road. And further more,  they must be connected to do so.  The pavers, stones, organic material, whatever, must exist together in order for a road to be complete. Leave one out? There’s a divot. Or a hole. An empty space. Like those pavers, the individual moments and events of our lives do not exist in isolation.  In a larger abundant LIFE sense, they are all part of ONE project. “A” project. This is probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the past 2 years. Until we refuse to look at the pavers as individual pieces of stone which have no relationship to the others in our life-pile, we will continue to feel scattered. Chaotic. Unsure of where to step next.

The truth of the matter is: The road on which we walk (and that includes the pavers we want, desire, and celebrate, as well as the pavers that we wish wouldn’t exist and would just take a hike and get lost) are the very skeletal makeup of A. Good. Work. And whenever and wherever that good work is located doesn’t matter – it’s REAL. If I am walking, breathing, being, and relating, regardless of circumstances, location, or present company included I am experiencing REAL ABUNDANCE.

George and I have agreed, made a choice, and taken on the responsibility of helping others pave that life road ahead – by walking alongside, and in some cases,before, those who need help to simply construct it. What others may see as disconnected areas, WE see as A. Good. Work. The abundant LIFE that has been promised.

I want to be a road paver. For myself. For others.

Real life is the entire road. Not one stone. Or that solo brick.

Perhaps this idea will take some time to digest. It’s a flip the switch kind of thought – a brain re-calibration may be needed.

Let me encourage you to stop thinking of your life in individual portions. Or sections.

For God has poured out everything you need. It’s all there. In it’s entirety. Some of us just need a hand in laying out the pavers. And then actually walking forward. And others of us need to lend a hand in that construction and follow-through.

So, if you need me. I’ll help you haul some of those stones.

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