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Is it time?

Are you done THINKING yourself into INACTION?

Thousands of people have joined the Beachbody Challenge – and guess what? They didn’t join solely for the chance to win $1,000, $5,000, $100,000, or even the daily prize of $500. (Although, that would be nice, huh?)

They didn’t?


They joined because they finally changed the voice in their head that fed them excuses like, “I don’t have time!”, “I don’t have the money!”, “I’ll be ready when (my schedule gets less chaoticmy kids are older, pigs fly?)

And now?

They are dropping inches, dropping pant sizes, and the real kicker?


Like I’ve always said, physical exercise ain’t all about the outer shell.

Exercise provides healing for the inner shell as well.

How are they doing this?

They have agreed to a plan. Not a “shoot from the hip”, er, plan, but a real plan: FITNESS + NUTRITION + PEER SUPPORT = SUCCESS

So, are you ready?


1. Grab yourself a FREE MEMBERSHIP on my Fit With Jo to insure that I will be your Coach!

2. Email me at so we can “talk” details and get you set up!

3. Watch this video. In fires me up. Maybe it will give you a little boost as well? 

4. Then, it’s time for that phone interview during which we can discuss which program will be right for you! (No, not everyone should start with the grand slam of them all: P90X.) Let me help you decide on the program that fits your style, goals, and even daily schedule!

5. Take a deep breath.

6. Know that you have made a fantastic decision for yourself. You can either keep doing what you’re doing. Or do something completely different. Sounds like different is what you need. I get it. I needed it, too.

Who’s Next?


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