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It all began in April, 2010.

“Fed up with myself” (as I like to say) at 40, to the point of action, I became a Coach with Team Beachbody (those crazy P90X people). Over the next 90 days I transformed my physical, emotional, and mental health with the use of ChaLEAN Extreme and Shakeology.

The bigger surprise?

Wandering into a terrific business opportunity that would help me to continue my commitment to physical health and fitness, as well as provide financially for our family. My goal? To continue the habit of fitness and health in my OWN life, and to help others find a solution using the genius of Beachbody’s products.

March 2012

Since March of 2010, I’ve completed ChaLEAN Extreme (twice), Turbo Fire, P90X, Turbo Jam, Les Mills Pump, and dabbled in Brazil Butt Lift, Hip Hop Abs, and Rev Abs.

My gym is now my home.

These tools have proven to be the system for me. Physical exercise is now INTENTIONAL and CONSISTENT.

Both from a fitness standpoint, and a stay-at-home-job standpoint, Beachbody has provided more than I honestly thought possible. My 40’s have turned out to be extremely rewarding.

Learn more at:

Fit With Jo (grab a FREE MEMBERSHIP at this direct link!)

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Fit With Jo on You Tube (see my FIRST transformation with ChaLEAN Extreme)

Shake With Jo (Yes, I drink it. No, I don’t apologize for the price tag.)

Coach with me (What is it exactly that I do? Give this a watch for 12 minutes. Could change your life. Active military – you have NO business fees!)

Here  on Cuppa Jo,where I am committed to chatting it up with you as if we were hanging at the coffee shop.

And what does one talk about at a coffee shop over a steaming mug of jo?




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  3. I am so impressed with Beachbody fitness programs and their proven results. You are yet another walking billboard for just how successful Beachbody truly is at helping people reach their goals so they can live a healthy, fulfilling life. What an awesome site!

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  6. Great story… love it!

    We are all on our personal journey to health and fitness… love hearing how others got started.

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